Our Story

Welcome to American Neighbors, this company was inspired and brought to life though the power of gifting. One day a man asked his neighbor to watch his home as he traveled to Turkey and Egypt, when he returned he gifted his neighbor a small textile as a thank you for watching his home. The neighbor was so appreciative of the gift and its uniqueness in quality that every time the man travelled again he would continue to bring something new from his travels.  As the East met the West in gifting so became the inspiration and foundation for American Neighbors.

Traveling almost always means that you bring home a little piece of treasure from your destination of choice. It brings us inspiration for gifting, design, and memories but these novelties don’t always fit in your suitcase. American Neighbors takes care of bringing those items right to your door step.

Here at American Neighbors you will find quality home goods and textiles that bring the cultures together. Whether it be notes of Eastern uniqueness or European elegance, we have something to fit everyone’s needs and taste in a one of a kind fashion; we like to think of it as a cultural common ground that provides a warmth to any space.