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Organic Cumin Powder | 0.19 lb

Organic Cumin Powder | 0.19 lb

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Let your senses tango with the distinctive aroma and scrumptious taste of our cumin.

Cultivated and hand-harvested in the “garden of spices”, India, our organic cumin tells a story of uniqueness. Its distinctive aroma accompanied with its scrumptious taste makes your senses tango!
Sourced directly from farmers, our fresh product is steam-sterilized, grounded and stored naturally with neither additives nor preservatives. Our cumin is European and USDA-Certified Organic.

Usage :
Sprinkle it on veggies, broth, meats, legumes, falafel, hummus, biryani and more!
Use it for local delicacies as well as international cuisines. Invent your own recipes, engage all your senses and enjoy the chaotic flavors.

Storage :
Store in a cool, dry, odor-free place at a relative humidity of no more than 70%
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