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Cream Blanket - Queen Size

Cream Blanket - Queen Size

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Soft, Breathable, and Stylish: It has an airy construction. Made of 100% cotton, this waffle blanket has the perfect balance of warmth and weight, its soft and soothing fabric will keep you comfortable, No need to replace cotton blankets for winter and summer. A waffle blanket is like a thick blanket and a thin blanket rolled into one, heavy enough to be warm when the weather gets cold, yet breathable enough to be a warming blanket when the weather gets warmer. It is a blanket for all seasons,   Available in a variety of trend-forward colors that complement any home. 

Set Content: Pique 79 × 87 in (1 Piece)

Color: Cream

Fabric Type: 100% Cotton

Washing instructions:

Delicate washing with cool water
Do not use bleach
Iron with a warm temperature
Air only
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