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Rug Handmade

Rug Handmade

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The perfect combination of style and durability, our jute rugs bring home effortless sophistication and are perfect for your living room, dining room, kitchen, or hallway  It is weaved using yarn-dyed jute  It is 3.5 lb in weight, It is 31 x 59 in size.

Metals that cause cancer and allergies are not presented. Both the skin and human health are unaffected by it. There is no usage of potentially harmful azoic dyes.

Washing instructions:

Use the brushless vacuum cleaner ends to sweep your rug instead of whipping or beating it.
If something spills on your carpet, move promptly to clean it up.
Delicate washing with cool water.
Do not use bleach.
Air only.
Do not keep it wet.

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