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Stress Free Quilt - King Size

Stress Free Quilt - King Size

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In order to improve sleep quality and maintain peak energy levels throughout the day, American Neighbors provides its customers with Stress-Free quilt and pillow items. Stress is reduced and the body's static charge is removed by the carbon wires in the fabric of the Stress-Free quilt and pillow, which are in direct touch with the body. the Stress-Free quilt relieves stress and helps you fall asleep on chilly winter nights. It also helps you wake up to a new day. can be washed at 30 degrees.

Set Content:

Quilt 85  x 93 in (1 Piece)

Color: White

Fabric Type: 98% polyester 2% Carbon

Quilt Filling: 100% Siliconized Fiber - 350 gr/m2

Washing instructions:

Delicate washing with cool water.
Do not use bleach.
Do not iron.
Air only.
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