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Utensils set in stainless steel 5 Pieces

Utensils set in stainless steel 5 Pieces

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Is a set with its design and sparkle that can be used for both special occasions and everyday use. provides a long-lasting use due to its ergonomic design, comfortable use, elegance, and special stainless steel material that maintains its shine for a long time.
This kitchen utensil set features essential tools for everyday cooking

Includes:  Ladle, cooking Turner, serving spoon, pasta spoon, skimmer spoon

Material: Steel

Set Content:

Ladle                  13 x 4 in
cooking Turner  13 x 3 in
serving spoon    13 x 3 in
pasta spoon       13 x 3 in
skimmer spoon 12 x 3 in

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