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White Festival Cotton Quilt - King Size

White Festival Cotton Quilt - King Size

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For those who prefer natural products, the outer fabric is made entirely of cotton and the filling is made of 50% natural wool which is a soft, durable, and luxurious filler, and 50% mixed pulp. The quilt is soft and breathable and has the function of moisture absorption and dehumidification, and good air permeability as if the quilt is breathing, which makes sleeping more comfortable.

Set Content:

Quilt 85 x 93 in (1 Piece)

Color: White

Fabric Type: 100% Cotton

Quilt Filling: 50% Cotton / 50% Fiber - 0.77 lb/m2

Washing instructions:

Delicate washing with cool water.
Do not use bleach.
Do not iron.
Air only.
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