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Organic Ginger Powder | 0.19 lb

Organic Ginger Powder | 0.19 lb

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Rich in nutrients, minerals and vitamins, our ginger powder is aromatic and flavorful.

Harvested from the fertile soil of Sri Lanka, ginger root is peeled, pressed and
ground. The precious oil is meticulously handled and the procedures followed at
Holistic Corner guarantee that the valuable nutrients of ginger powder reach you intact.

Usage :
Infuse ginger powder into your stews, sauces or marinades. Have it as a herbal tea
or with fruits and veggies detox juices.
It is a flavor enhancer for biryani, soup and many middle eastern dishes.
It is also used as the main ingredient in gingerbread biscuit, cookies and other desserts.

Storage :
Best stored at room temperature in a cool, dry place.
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